As of today every man has the possibility to get a professional and highly detailed video shooting from a great height — it is called aerial video shooting. This way of video shooting is commonly used in film industry, technical survey, mass media observation and also during some special occasions. The main cause of aerial video shooting popularity is a high manoeuvrability of flying copters and the comfortable control system. Every client can receive really fascinating pictures or have a good description of required area or building objects.

Aerial video shooting gives you a good chance: to take panoramic pictures, to make a bird’s-eye view spherical shooting, to make up a presentation or preview trailer. Thanks to aerial video shooting you can demonstrate the beauty of nature, famous interesting sights and receive fantastic pictures of large buildings.

Where does the aerial video shooting use?
The scope of aerial video shooting is really broad. There are most popular ways of using it in real life:

  • technical survey: highly detailed pictures of ground areas for sale, aerial survey of expected building areas, survey of large and hard-to-reach objects before demolition or repairs, aerial survey of areas for topographic maps drafting;
  • cultural aerial video shooting includes the detailed fixation of famous touristic sights, aerial survey of weddings, Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. The most attractive and remarkable pictures are used in presentations, briefings, websites, magazines, booklets and DVD films;
  • business aerial video shooting is realized for continual observation of appointed objects or events: mass media events, concerts, sports competitions and other events for reasons of safety.

One more advantage of aerial video shooting is the large scale and high quality of a picture, the possibility to control and correct the copter flight for receiving more successful foreshortenings.The reasonable price and quick installation of equipment make the aerial video shooting more attractive both for companies and individual persons.

The aerial video shooting – how is it realized?
 The aerial video shooting is realized in order to the modern and compact HD cameras which are installed on pilotless vehicles (copters). The copters can make a fixation of pictures on digital media and realize flights at the height of several hundred metres. This equipment can allow you to receive fascinating pictures of all landscapes and objects! The aerial video shooting is realized in FULL HD quality and that gives you high-grade pictures and movies.

Multi-copters have a radio control system and are comfortably controlled by professional technicians. The copters do not require a lot of commutation and capacity – they are compact and quickly installed in all conditions. Thanks to the control panel you have the possibility to observe, to control, to correct and to fix the picture on digital media in real-time mode! One more advantage of the copter is the possibility to realize the aerial video shooting in small rooms.

New technologies make the aerial video shooting the best way of receiving highly detailed pictures and the effective views and panoramas of ordinary places. Moreover, using the copters in aerial video shooting, you save your money in comparison with the rent of piloted aircrafts!

Aerial video shooting by “Rus-Aero” company

If you order the aerial video shooting in the company “Rus-Aero”, it will mean that you choose the most comfortable way for the fixation of your unforgettable moments. You also can receive the perfect pictures of your own real property before building or repairs. What is more, you can use the most attractive pictures in your cliparts, websites or in creating the presentations and brochures.

For our clients we offer the reliable service, comfortable conditions and professonal operators, that have a wide experience in aerial video shooting and in works with modern video equipment. All our compact and productive cameras guarantee your maximum comfort for reasonable price. The company “Rus-Aero” offers the service so-called “complete cycle”: it means that you do not have to worry about any part of works – it is the job of our professional technicians and they like to do it best!

Aerial survey

Aerial survey is the best way to take pictures and Full HD video shooting of different buildings, areas and events! Nowadays aerial survey service can be perfectly realized by modern radio-controlled copters in all weathers. The «Rus-Aero» company offers the following types of aerial survey:

  • business aerial survey during the real estate sale, engineering  and building works;
  • cultural survey of sights and landscapes;
  • wedding and festive aerial survey;
  • official aerial survey.

Many owners need the aerial survey to take good pictures of their ground areas and large buildings. It helps to give the detailed schemes of all projects. Our technicians can do their job perfectly and quickly (just few hours!) thanks to the modern radio-controlled copters with multiple rotor. All copters have compact dimensions and the elaborate vane system, which makes the copter more mobile and the most suitable for aerial survey.

There are some advantages to collaborate with the «Rus-Aero» company:

  • our technicians can organize aerial photography and aerial video shooting at the height of 250 metres in order to receive highly detailed pictures;
  • all copters are high-speed and stay manoeuvring even in heavy-weather (flaws, atmospheric precipitates and extremely high or low temperature);
  • the technical operator controls the route of copter by the radio-guidance. It allows every client to see the aerial survey in real-time mode and to change the foreshortening if it is necessary;
  • installation and adjustment of equipment are realized on the spot and take a little time.
Wedding aerial survey

During such special occasions as weddings, anniversaries and Birthdays, the organizers want to take unforgettable pictures and videos in different foreshortenings. However, the usual photographer can often disturbs the guests for receiving of good pictures, and his service is expensive and quite long. As a result, usual ground survey can not guarantee really high-grade pictures. We want to present a new original idea of the company «Rus-Aero» — wedding aerial survey! It can help you to receive fantastic pictures and video for lower pay!

We offer different types of cameras which are attached to reliable and manoeuvring multi-rotor copters. The maximum height of flights amounts to several hundred metres that allows you to take high-grade pictures of all occasions! Moreover, you have a good chance:

  • to try the aerial survey in night-time — more interesting and attractive pictures are guaranteed!
  • to organize a spherical aerial survey of 3D panoramas: it is possible because the copter can hover at the command of the operator
  • to receive the dynamic pictures of such moving objects as cars, ferries, yachts, etc.
  • to organize the aerial survey indoors: the low noise and compact copters do not disturb the guests and make good and unforgettable pictures!

The technical operator controls the copter using the FPV ground system. It allows the operator to correct the route and foreshortening of the copter and to see the aerial survey in real-time mode. The copters can fly up to few hours without charging or battery changing. That makes the copters the most ideal way to fix your special occasions!

Our specialists can also help you to organize the cultural survey of sights and landscapes. For reasons of safety we can offer you to realize the aerial survey of mass events, news translations, etc.
You can reserve the aerial survey of company «Rus-Aero» by telephone number +7 (920) 417 44 44 (Russia), +39 380 4674008 (ITALY) or you can contact with us there. We are always ready to help you with organization of aerial survey!


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is one of the most effective ways to receive the detailed geospatial information about ground areas and large buildings. Also aerial photography can help you to receive original and highly detailed pictures of your special occasions and holidays. As of today we realize four variations of aerial photography:

  • low-altitude aerial survey with horizon hit (one-third of the picture);
  • high-altitude aerial survey of 3D panoramas or the spherical aerial photography;
  • topographic aerial photography made with the help of the camera installed in the panel, which is parallel to the ground;
  • cultural aerial photography of special occasions and touristic sights realized with the help of the fast and manoeuvring multi-copters with cameras.

Based on the ideas of our clients we can realize the aerial photography at the following prices:

 1) Tipical aerial photography of area, realty, special occasion or event – 100€ per one flight. The
    average time of one flight is 7-9 minutes (depending on the weather conditions).
2) Panoramic aerial photography – from 300€.

The price may differ (increase or decrease) depending on weather condition, the flight altitude, the level of complexity, etc.
The budget aerial photography includes the survey of public films. Usually it is realized for free and according to a written letter of inquiry.

One of the most popular types of aerial survey is the aerial photography of ground areas. It helps to observe the land, to make projects for building and to create the advertising material. Either large companies or individual clients can receive the detailed pictures for reasonable price and for few hours.

The sphere of aerial photography is widely adopted. People can receive the detailed schemes of ground areas, cottage settlements, building sites, electric mains, oil and gas pipelines, highwaus and railways. The high exactness of aerial photography is caused by lower flight altitude and the using the cameras with modern matrices of hight-resolution capability, which are installed on multi-copters.

The cameras used in aerial photography have the high-grade optical characteristics with low distortion and astigmatism indices.Moreover, camera is connected with data recorder and three-axis stabilization, what can minimize the angle and axial deviations because of a wind. As of today many photographic equipment companies can offer different models of cameras which are perfect for aerial photography realization. With the help of special computer programs it is also easy to edit the pictures, to correct colors and color balances, to patch the pictures and to unite the material with other programs (e.g. GoogleEarth).

The adequate choice of fliyng vehicle is one of important factors: it is defined the success and the price of aerial photography. The most popular variant is aerial photography with the multi-copter – it is a compact, manoeuvring and powerful flying vehicle. The sphere of multi-copter aerial photography is really wide: the observation of areas, mass events, special occasions, etc. The copters can shoot hard-to-reach objects, make 3D panoramic pictures and realize the spherical aerial photography, saving all information in digital media.

It will be observed that you have to receive the shooting permit before aerial photography. It is indispensable condition and if you do not agree to receive the permit, we will not able to cooperate with you. The company “Rus-Aero” can be responsible for all stages of the work. We reach the conclusion with local autonomous bodies, go to the place of survey, adjudge and install our equipment and make the high-grade aerial photography together with our clients! You can learn more information about the reservation and prices of aerial photography, calling us: +7 920 417 44 44 (Russia), +39 380 4674008 (ITALY) or contacting us there.



Generally, the fee for aerial photography and video shooting is estimated individually.
We separate all projects into commercial and non-commercial.

Prices for commercial aerial survey:

Aerial Photography – 200. The price includes 1 flight (10 minutes) and 150 high-graded pictures. Minimal number of flights – 3.
Aerial photography + panoramic survey (180 or 360 degree) – from 1000.

Aerial video shooting*

Duration up to 2 hours (one session) – 1000
Duration up to 4 hours (two sessions) – 1500
Duration up to 12 hours – 2000

*The final price for aerial survey is always stipulated additionally, and it depens on the level of complexity, weather conditions and the location for survey.

Non-commercial (budget, free) aerial survey does not take priority of commercial projects and can be organized according to a written letter of inquiry.

There are the factors which are important for organization every type of aerial survey:

— good weather: wind speed up to 3 metres per second, absence of rain and snow, the temperature is from -5 up to +25 degree;
— clear place for ascension: it is actual for aerial survey in firlds or building areas;
— absence of high trees, bridges and transmission facilities: it can have a bad influence on compass and GPS.